Order QR2id Plates

Plate Prices

  • QR2id Location Plate on Heavy Duty Mounting Base = $150.00*
  • Pole mounting bracket = $60.00*
  • Plate only = $45.00*
  • Project plate = $35.00*
  • Project plate (Priority Order) = $65.00*

*Prices exclude GST, freight & handling

WasteLocate uses QR2id codes, which are two dimensional barcodes similar to those you may have seen on advertising brochures and product packaging. These can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet computer running a QR Reader App, which links to the WasteLocate web-application on the Internet.

These QR2id Codes appear on special location plates to be installed at waste and recycling facilities and tyre outlets, as well as on the waste consignments themselves. Where operational conditions require, multiple location plates can be installed at the one facility / location (e.g. to be mounted at different heights to allow scanning from the cab of light and heavy vehicles.)

Drivers will scan these plates when collecting and delivering waste — please ensure that they are accessible and clearly displayed.


Waste facilities and tyre consignors are responsible for meeting the costs associated with purchasing and installing location plates, which can be purchased directly from EPA's contracted supplier, Amtac Professional Services Pty. Ltd., by following the instructions below. Payments will be processed on-line through PayPal at the end of the order process. NB: Payment can be made by Credit Card without a PayPal account — simply choose this option at the PayPal payment screen.

Tyre Outlets

If you have a tyre outlet or consign tyre waste in NSW, before ordering plates please:

This will ensure the plates are correctly associated with your account. Once you have the Locations in place, click on the “Order Consignor QR2id Plates” button on this page to place your order.

Waste Facilities

If you need to order plates for Waste Facilities, simply click on the the "Order Waste Facility QR2id Plates" button below and follow the on-screen instructions.